Integrated high performance 4-way distribution comfort module with heating, cooling and ventilation.

The new generation of PARASOL Zenith features fixed or variable airflow control from the same basic platform, which makes selection easier. This, alongside fewer variants, each covering a wide range of air volume capabilities, and simplified logistics on site offers greater flexibility and simplicity in terms of future rebuilding work and customisation.

Optimised for low energy consumption, PARASOL Zenith manages high air flow at low system pressure. The increased cooling capacity also allows a lower duct system pressure to be used, or a higher cooling water temperature, saving energy and improving room comfort further. Intended to work condensation free, PARASOL Zenith requires no drainage system or filter.

With a quick bracket for time saving and easy installation on account of low weight, compact dimensions and optional air connections on short or long sides, the stylish design with optional perforation patterns can be retrospectively upgraded from CAV to VAV, and can also be integrated in the WISE demand controlled ventilation system.

PARASOL Zenith is a 4-way air discharge comfort module featuring an induction function. Exactly as in a climate beam, the supply air from a central air handling unit is used to create induction across a coil to deliver cooling or heating, meaning it does not include an integrated fan or other moving parts. This gives very quiet operation and minimal maintenance requirements.

Unlike a 2-way air discharge climate beam, air distribution to the room occurs from all 4 sides of the unit, meaning as large areas of the ceiling as possible are used to spread the air, thus ensuring comfort in the occupied zone.

With a variable k-factor setting and large air flow range, PARASOL Zenith is available both as a CAV product with fixed k-factor, and is easy to upgrade to a VAV function or with the help of different accessories. It is also possible to order as a VAV variant with all necessary controls factory fitted, with control or actuator for air flow control (0-10 V).

As greater demands are being made to offer customised office solutions and to easily change the floor layout for new or existing tenants if changed needs arise, it is important to take this into consideration as early as the design phase, as this will minimise future costs for rebuilding. Regardless of the scenario, the new PARASOL Zenith, through its simplicity in terms of air flow range, operation and commissioning, gives all the possibilities to find this flexible and optimal solution.

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