Panasonic’s new range

Panasonic’s Gas Heat Pumps offer a low carbon gas driven VRF heating and cooling solution which is an ideal alternative to traditional electric VRF. The M-Series features improved performance and reduced carbon emissions while providing a great solution to power supply issues for commercial applications.

Panasonic’s new advanced M-Series Gas Driven VRF systems offer maximum efficiency and performance across the range. Panasonic’s advanced M-Series’ unique characteristics include connection of up to 48 indoor units, up to 71 kW of cooling with current consumption of 11.0 AMPs and single phase power supply across the range. There is also the option of natural gas or LPG as its main power source and a water heat exchanger which can be connected to domestic hot water systems 13–25 HP (2-pipe units only).

The M-Series is ideal for installation in properties where traditional electrical supply is an issue. Running on natural gas or LPG, the system just requires a single phase supply. This enables the building’s electrical power supply to be used for other critical electrical demands, such as IT servers, commercial refrigeration, manufacturing and lighting etc.

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