Panasonic recovers energy

New energy recovery ventilators from Panasonic efficiently provide a constant flow of fresh air – economically cooled or heated by energy recovered from exhaust air to produce significant cost savings. Energy recovery, using an improved counter-flow heat exchanger, reduces the air conditioning load by 20% compared to regular ventilation. Typically, the energy recovery ventilators complement Panasonic air conditioners to create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment in sealed buildings.
The new counter-flow heat exchanger has larger contact surfaces for fresh and exhaust airflows – making it 6% more efficient than the cross-flow elements in earlier energy recovery ventilators. The improved efficiency translates to a reduced vertical profile of the heat exchange element – from 287mm to 230mm – which also makes the units quieter in operation.
Ruggedly constructed and with a plastic frame, the compact counter-flow element has large air passages to resist clogging and reduce the need for cleaning – the element and non-woven cloth filter are cleaned just once or twice a year to maintain optimum efficiency.
There are six models, providing ventilation options from 250- 1,000 m3/h.
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