Panasonic launches PRO Club

The Panasonic PRO Club is a feature-packed new portal providing Panasonic’s distributors, installers, engineers and specifiers with a wealth of technical data, software and support tools.

Unveiling this new initiative, which is available throughout Europe in 33 countries and 30 languages, Enrique Vilamitjana, PHAAE’s Managing Director, said: “The Panasonic PRO Club is a key part of our strategy for sustainable development. By creating this online portal, we are streamlining the provision of up-to-date, technical information covering our air-to-air and air-to-water product ranges. It answers the demand for accurate and reliable information from the latest updates to our design software to business support tools, such as the correct display of Panasonic logos and graphics on installer’s vehicles. And of course, being online, it is open 24 hours a day – seven days a week!”

The website contains detailed information on Panasonic heating and cooling products and offers authorised users access to the latest news, product developments, training programmes, technical data and installation manuals, as well as being able to download the most up to date software and installation guides.

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