Outdoor heat from Dimplex

With the average gas patio heater emitting more CO2 in a year than a gas-guzzling 4×4 car, the efficient new OPH electric patio heater from Dimplex offers an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative for outdoor use.
The new range produces a highly directional beam of short wavelength radiant heat, to cover an area of 9-12m² (dependent on model) extremely effectively. People within the beam’s range feel the warmth instantly, literally within seconds, in the same way as they do with the sun’s rays, as natural sunlight is rich in short wavelength heat.

Because the OPH warms the people and objects within the ‘throw’ of the unit, not the air in between, no heat is lost to the environment. This keeps running costs down, as low as 10p an hour, a far cry from running a gas heater that requires constant supplies of gas, bottled and distributed with all the carbon intensive activities that are involved.

For further economy, the OPH patio heater can be linked to Dimplex’s range of timers and PIR detector switches.

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