Out with the old

The new ReNew T5 from Chalmor enables existing fluorescent fittings to be upgraded to use high efficiency T5 lamps with high frequency control gear – backed by a five year warranty. As such, it significantly improves lighting energy performance with a customised solution that avoids the disruption and cost of installing new fittings Consequently, ReNew T5 offers a number of benefits over and above T5 adapters.

ReNew T5 provides a truly engineered solution that only re-uses the body of the old fitting. Lamps, lamp holders and control gear are all brand new – to ensure ‘as new’ performance and confidence of ongoing reliability. Once upgraded, fittings look new and will significantly enhance the lit environment.

Suitable for upgrading installations currently using T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes, a ReNew T5 installation not only reduces energy consumption, it also introduces a higher level of flexibility for easily introducing more advanced lighting controls. In addition, users can select from a wide selection of lamps and control gear to, for example, improve colour rendering, increase lumen maintenance, boost energy efficiency and extend lamp life. Longer lamp life will also reduce maintenance costs, providing an even faster payback.


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