Out of sight, but not out of mind

Architects are often confronted with the seemingly impossible problem of ensuring indoor air quality meets acceptable standards, but without using ventilation equipment that spoils the building’s interior design. Dan Jones of Air Diffusion believes he has the answer.

One of the biggest issues confronting the building services industry is the battle to maintain good air quality inside buildings without using equipment that is unsightly or noisy. This is a key consideration in any conversation with an architect whose concerns are, not surprisingly, to maintain the aesthetic quality of their design and not upset interior sightlines.

However, as a result of growing problems from urban pollution, building owners and operators are increasingly concerned about the impact of airborne contaminants on tenants and staff.  Therefore, adequate ventilation is a major preoccupation for design teams and being able to balance healthy conditions with a discreet design is something of a ‘Holy Grail’.

So, at Air Diffusion we are seeing a dramatic increase in demand for our FlowBar range of high capacity linear slot diffusers.

These are designed to combine a very high air handling capacity with maximum flexibility and subtlety. They are suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications fitting discreetly into a stylish interior to provide both practical and aesthetic benefits.

The discrete and stylish look of these diffusers allows them to blend into a design so they can be almost invisible, if required, or can become part of the interior design by providing sleek lines in walls or ceilings. As a result, they have received a warm reception from both architects and interior designers as a piece of equipment that blends into the overall design.

FlowBar is available in straight lines or curves to blend with other architectural elements and enhance the overall concept of the project while also ensuring the occupied internal space is adequately and efficiently ventilated.

Integral pattern controllers are between 300 and 600mm in length allowing the airstream to be directed left and right for horizontal and vertical airflow. Standard slot sizes are 25mm, 38mm and 51mm with single section lengths available up to 2400mm.

The standard finish on these products is a polyester powder coating and there are a number of different models available including: The FlowBar High Throw (HT) Series, which is primarily designed for ceiling applications and allows the air diffuser to become inconspicuous, whilst fully integrating into the ceiling system. Surface mounted and plaster frame styles are available as standard with other frame and border options available on request.

The FlowBar Jet Throw (JT) series offers wing blades to allow the airstream to be jetted in a horizontal direction (sidewall mounted) whilst fully integrating into the wall system. Jet throw blades allow extended throws in typical high bay applications for heated and/or cooled air.

These are particularly useful along perimeter walls where heated air can be directed downward. Standard slot sizes are 25mm, 38mm and 51mm with single section lengths available up to 2400mm.

Factory engineered plenum boxes can be provided with all models to ensure trouble free installation and ensure the performance levels outlined in the catalogue are met.

The flexible, modular design means they can be configured in a wide variety of lengths and slot depths to fit in with an interior design. This is a product that naturally lends itself to bespoke solutions, which means the ventilation industry is able to live up to the exacting standards and deliver the best of both worlds – something of an architect’s dream.



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