Osram demonstrates the art of lighting

Energy efficient reflector lamps from Osram’s halogen range have been installed throughout the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford as part of a £61 million development programme. Kevan Shaw Lighting Design turned to Osram in order to procure a solution that would achieve the delicate balance of reducing energy costs while showing the art works in their best possible light.

The Ashmolean Museum is a prestigious building that first opened its doors in 1683. The work to revitalise the museum is being supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and this has allowed the museum to double its gallery space. The new extension to the museum is much larger than the old extension that it replaces so it was essential that energy efficient products were used throughout the construction project to stop energy bills spiralling.

Kevan Shaw Lighting Design was tasked with creating an energy efficient lighting scheme and specified Osram’s Decostar 51 Energy Saver and Halospot 111 Energy Saver to achieve this.  Hannah Neufeld, Senior Designer commented: “We chose the energy saver versions of Osram’s MR16 and AR111 as they offer excellent colour rendering properties, are fully dimmable, have a longer life compared to standard MR16s/AR111s, and use less energy for an equivalent light output. They also come in a range of wattages and beam angles which allow us the flexibility to light each object on an individual basis, responding to both conservation and aesthetic requirements.”

Osram’s Decostar 51 Energy Saver saves approximately 30% energy compared to the standard Decostar 51 Titan. This low voltage reflector lamp is fully dimmable and it is ideal for display and down lighting. The Halospot 111 Energy Saver low voltage aluminium reflector lamp provides 30% energy savings in comparison with a standard Halospot 111. This lamp provides optimum illumination and less scattered light making it ideal for art gallery lighting.

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