Osram debuts small light source

Osram has developed the most compact lamp to date featuring metal halide technology. The new POWERBALL HCI-TF 15W has the same light output as a 35W halogen lamp packing a powerful punch for such a small product. Featuring an average lifetime of 12,000 hours and a GU6.5 ‘twist & lock’ base for simple handling and precision positioning in the reflector, POWERBALL HCI-TF 15W is the perfect solution for accent lighting in professional applications.

In order to provide the same light output as a 35W halogen lamp, Osram’s new POWERBALL HCI-TF 15W lamp requires 60% less energy making it a sustainable alternative for professional lighting applications. It also generates less heat than a halogen lamp which protects the items that it illuminates and reduces the energy requirements for air conditioning.

Geometrically identical to the 20W and 35W versions, POWERBALL HCI-TF 15W is the answer in applications where the higher wattage products are too bright. It achieves energy savings of 25% and can be operated with a sustainable ECG even in existing luminaires.


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