OneStop™ simply removes limescale!

Layout 1As part of exciting expansion plans under the Swan Group, Smith’s is launching OneStop™, an innovative new water conditioning product to tackle the problem of limescale that affects 60% of homes (16 million) in the UK, particularly in England and Wales.

When hard water is heated past 55°C or left to stand, the dissolved minerals in it solidify as moisture evaporates. These solidified minerals are what limescale is made of, and they can be a serious problem for household appliances like boilers, central heating pipes, kettles and dishwashers.

OneStop™ conditions mains water at the point that it enters the home, preventing scale deposits and also works on removing existing limescale.  Unlike other hard water solutions, OneStopTM is not a water softener so it does not require a drain, a bypass for drinking water or regular doses of salt. It uses a relatively new process, Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) to change hardness minerals from their ionic form to a harmless crystalline form.  In this very stable form, calcium and magnesium do not attach to pipes, appliances, and fixture surfaces. The crystals are so small that they are readily rinsed away by the normal flow of water. OneStop™ is WRAS approved for use in the UK market.

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