One-stop-shop for shopping centre

Honeywell Building Solutions business is installing building management and life safety systems, together with a security and access control system, in Derby’s premier shopping mall – the Westfield Shopping Centre.

The £330m Westfield new-build and redevelopment scheme will create an estimated 2,850 construction jobs and will provide over one million square feet of new and upgraded retail space for more than 100 stores, plus a 12-screen cinema and an 800-seat café court. Honeywell Building Solutions’ role in the project is to specify, provide, install, test and commission the building management system (BMS), plus CCTV, security and access systems, as well as fire and public address voice alarm (PA/VA) systems throughout the new building and the part of the original centre that is being retained and refurbished.

The Shopping Centre, which originally opened in 1975, is the main shopping destination in the heart of the city of Derby. The Centre is owned via a Westfield/Hermes joint venture and is managed by Westfield. Westfield Construction is building the extension for the owners.

“There are a number of benefits to this installation – not the least of which is the provision of a reliable, sophisticated building control, fire protection and security system and a ‘one-stop-shop’ servicing facility at an extremely competitive price,” says Westfield’s Construction Services Manager, Graham Jordan.

The newly installed BMS will provide all HVAC control, monitoring and metering applications, as well as building automation functions. Hundreds of energy meters are being set up across a ModBus network and will be monitored by Honeywell’s Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) user interface to better understand energy consumption and to cut related costs.

The existing CCTV system is being extended into the new development to provide, in total, almost 250 new CCTV cameras. Honeywell has also supplied and installed a new digital video recording unit to accept the cameras’ input.

The new security and access control system for Westfield Centre features sophisticated burglar alarms and a disabled alarm facility. A central control room contains newly-equipped consoles and a state-of-the-art LCD screen video wall.

The Honeywell-designed PA/VA and fire control panel system is being installed throughout and handles all fire protection interfaces. An alarm initiated from any detector can be displayed on every fire alarm panel – all brought into the EBI user interface, which shows the exact location of the device in alarm. The PA/VA system initiates the evacuation of the public in any emergency, making emergency announcements – such as evacuation instructions – as it does so, plus any other pre-recorded messages required.

“There is a large measure of future-proofing in the installation,” says Honeywell’s Account Manager for the project, Barry Hetherington. “The EBI platform can provide total integration of access control, security, surveillance, HVAC, energy management and life safety systems. It also provides integration with a diverse range of devices, enterprise systems and Internet and intranet sources, allowing the intelligent management of key facility information. The EBI can be easily upgraded to accommodate future expansion of the building or to integrate additional systems.”

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