One point of control

Kanmor has launched the new 374e universal heating controller and UK distributor Radiant Control Ltd claim it is the ultimate stand alone heating controller which will truly cope with typical light commercial heating applications and offers the end-user a number of significant benefits.

Firstly, the 374e has built-in weather compensation technology which automatically varies the target water temperature dependent upon outside ambient conditions, offering significant fuel savings while providing optimum comfort to the occupants.  It is also one of the only stand alone controllers on the market to control three different water temperatures. 

At its design condition of -3ºC outdoor temperature the system will, for example, heat the primary water circuit for the radiators to 75ºC, supply water at 60ºC to a timber joisted underfloor heating circuit and at 50ºC for screeded underfloor heating.  When ambient temperature is milder, the controller operates in line with its characteristic curve and the heating water temperatures will be reduced to compensate for outdoor conditions.  Temperature control of the secondary circuits is achieved by modulating two mixing valves which will have three or four ports depending on the system design.

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