On the crest of a wave

New from B.A.C.Balticare is the Balticare Dolphin System, an innovative water treatment programme that controls scaling, corrosion, fouling and bacteriological growth in cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
It is a fully automatic system that does not require water softening, saves water and uses only a small amount of a single chemical. It has many technical, environmental and economic benefits when compared to traditional all-chemical programmes.

The Balticare Dolphin System can be fitted to treat either new or existing cooling water systems and it fully satisfies the HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8 for the control of legionella bacteria.

Major life cycle cost savings for cooling systems are achieved with the Balticare Dolphin System. Costs for chemicals and water are reduced and service and maintenance costs are lower. The environmental benefits include the very low power usage, greatly reduced handling and dosing of toxic chemicals and minimal chemical contamination in the water going to drain.

The Balticare Dolphin Water Treatment System has three elements which together make up an integrated, automatic programme.

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