On site safety

The Electrical Safety Council has produced its first trade leaflet for contractors, which focuses on electrical safety on construction sites.

The ‘Electrical Safety in Construction’ leaflet is a summary guide for the construction industry on safe isolation practices and aims to remind contractors of their legal responsibilities in relation to safe electrical working practice on construction sites.

Following a number of deaths and major injury accidents involving electricians, electrical installers are now under increased pressure to fully comply with their statutory health and safety duties. This leaflet helps to remind electrical contractors and others of the requirements for a safe working environment and what specific circumstances allow electrical contractors to energise circuits for use by others, before installation work is complete.

Emma McCarthy, Director of the Electrical Safety Council said: “We want this leaflet to be a useful way for contractors to help communicate safe working practices to others on construction sites. The Electrical Safety Council supports and works with the electrical industry and others to increase awareness of electrical hazards, ultimately to reduce fatalities and injuries.”

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which was consulted in the preparation of the leaflet, recommends the adoption of the information it contains.

Copies of this ‘Electrical Safety in Construction’ leaflet can be downloaded from the Electrical Safety Council’s website www.electricalsafetycouncil.org.uk. Alternatively, it is available on request by emailing leaflets@electricalsafetycouncil.org.uk.

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