On-site CPD helps you comply

Honeywell is offering a certified CPD presentation at customer sites, to help ensure that operators of refrigeration equipment are complying with the legislation surrounding the use and management of fluorinated gases.
The European Union’s F-gas regulation No 842/2006 places stringent rules on the use of fluorinated gases – most of which had to be in place by 4 July 2007. The gases involved include HFCs, which are used as a universal refrigerant in today’s market. The main objective of the legislation is to reduce emissions of these gases, which impact upon global warming if released into the air.

The regulation has a direct impact on the commercial refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump sectors and in the fire protection sector; and for the personnel involved in the installation, servicing and recovery of F-gases from these systems. It also has direct relevance for the nominated operators of such systems across a broad spectrum of industries and market sectors, including manufacturers, processors, distributors and retailers.

Under the legislation, operators of relevant systems have a range of obligations including prompt leakage repair, leakage checking, record keeping and ensuring the use of appropriately qualified personnel. Systems containing large volumes of F-gases will be subject to more frequent inspections. For example, systems with 300kg or more have to be inspected every three months and require a fixed leak detection system to be installed and checked every twelve months.

“Our presentation is certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service and provides a valuable reference point for companies looking to comply with the legislation whilst minimising disruption to their business,” says Keith Duncan of Honeywell Refrigeration Services.

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