Oceanair scores a hole in one

Oceanair, a national distributor for Sanyo Air Conditioners, has supplied a low energy Gas Heat Pump (GHP) VRF air conditioning system to heat and cool a new conservatory at Beedles Lake Golf Club in Leicester.
Established 13 years ago, the golf club name comes from the 38 acre lake, excavated by barges in the 1950s. To take advantage of this picturesque setting the golf club commissioned air conditioning contractors AC2000 to undertake a design and build project through principle contractor EGP Mechanical Services, to extend the clubhouse with a conservatory that overlooks the lake.
The aim behind the Beedles Lake Golf Club extension was to enable the club to accommodate functions and weddings. Although, with a function booked for two days after the extension completion date, the project team had to stick to a challenging two-month project programme. Meanwhile, the project brief for AC2000, to supply heating and cooling for the new conservatory, presented another challenge since the location of the golf club meant a power upgrade to accommodate this was too expensive and required an alternative solution.
Dave Armstrong, Contracts Manager at AC2000 explains: “Owing to power restrictions we considered using a gas powered air conditioning unit. However, the rural location also meant that natural gas was unavailable. Oceanair therefore solved this problem by supplying a Sanyo ECO G W-Multi Gas Heat Pump that can be powered with LPG”.
Sanyo’s ECO G GHP range is a pioneering system that utilises mains gas or LPG as its main power source and single-phase electricity just for start-up and fan operation. This feature alone ensured that it was the ideal solution for a rural golf club facing a short-fall in power.
As well as providing heating and cooling for the conservatory, the GHP system provided cooling to the new bar, extended kitchen and preparation area. However, a significant advantage of the system is its heat recovery technology. The engine waste heat, which is normally exhausted into the atmosphere, is recovered via the heat exchanger and effectively used as hot water, so the GHP chiller acts as a sub system that alleviates the load on the client’s main hot water system and therefore offers the golf club ‘free’ hot water. 

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