Not a dry bar in the house

Dalkia has secured a contract which demonstrates the way it is expanding its services for the hospitality industry. Dalkia is now able to offer UK licensed traders the installation and maintenance of drinks dispensing equipment and the O2 is the first organisation to benefit from Dalkia’s new service.
The O2 has over 20 bars and restaurants located over three levels, served by 9 drinks cellars. Dalkia has installed 162 fast pouring single dispensers, 16 four-way taps, 20 brasserie fonts and 36 single fonts, enabling staff to dispense up to four pints at a time.  Dalkia will install and maintain the pumps and dispensers to ensure that The O2 patrons’ drinks are served quickly from clean and efficient pumps.
Driven by the need to create a unique experience for their patrons, many venues are demanding enhanced ambience and atmosphere to generate increased footfall. All elements of the building services are brought into play to create this, from temperature, to lighting and services. Not least the quality of the products and the way these are delivered plays a vital role in the overall perception of a venue, its brand and footfall.
The challenge facing such facilities managers is in maintaining the equipment used to serve drinks such as draft beer and lager. If it is not continually reviewed and serviced then the products can fall below expectation – quickly resulting in customer dissatisfaction and ultimately loss of revenue. The new drinks dispenser service from Dalkia ensures that beverages are served to the right specification every time.
“One of the main benefits of this service to the hospitality industry is in having a single point of contact for all their FM requirements”, explains Ian Dorans, Project Manager for Dalkia.
Developed specifically for licensed pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants in the UK, Dalkia aims to deliver a comprehensive service comprising drinks dispenser installation and maintenance enabling organisations to integrate their requirements under one single provider.  

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