Norland Managed Services recognises Sabien’s ‘exceptional idea’

Sabien Technology, the manufacturer and supplier of M2G boiler energy efficiency technology, has won an ‘Exceptional Idea’ award from Norland Managed Services.

Sabien Technology was one of the selected award winners in Norland’s ‘The Exceptional Idea Competition’ for 2014. The award is given to suppliers of technologies that provide the best solutions to Norland’s domestic and international customers.

Sabien won the award for its M2G boiler efficiency technology in the face of stiff competition following a presentation to a Norland expert panel.

Sabien’s Chief Executive Office Alan O’Brien commented: “This is a fitting accolade for the M2G and the Sabien team who have worked hard to create a technology delivering real business benefits for our clients. It is also an endorsement of how effective M2G is at fulfilling its role in enabling our clients to reduce their gas consumption and CO2 emissions.

“The team continues to work with Norland Managed Services on a number of projects for their UK client portfolio to provide Sabien’s M2G energy efficiency technology that delivers on their client needs, and this accolade demonstrates that we have succeeded in our aims.”

Norland is recognised as one of the leading facilities, energy and project management providers in the UK & Ireland with revenues of £384.8m. The company operates from a strategic network of regional offices throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US.

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