Noral cuts costs

Unique low maintenance features and an extended anti-corrosion warranty have resulted in the growing popularity of Noral’s Design Excellence Award-winning exterior architectural lighting. This is particularly so throughout the public sector and with private companies involved in the growing number of PFI (Private Finance Initiative) contracts.
For example, the company’s recently introduced Vision range of fittings drastically cuts the cost of routine maintenance that, over the lifetime of the installation represents a considerable sum of money. Each IP66-rated Vision fitting incorporates a pressure release valve that does away with the need for quarterly servicing of the fitting to clean out water that would otherwise be sucked into the luminaire.
On average, this cleaning out operation takes between ten and 15 minutes for each fitting which, when carried out four times a year and multiplied by the number of fittings, ensures that the initial cost of the Vision fittings is recouped several times during the lifetime of the installation. According to Noral, its Vision luminaires are the only wall light fittings currently available on the UK market to incorporate this cost and labour saving feature.
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