No bolts cleat is first to get Network Rail approval

The Ellis No Bolts cleat has become the first cable cleat to be granted PADS approval by Network Rail.

The all polymeric stackable product, which is designed and manufactured by the world’s leading cable cleat company, Ellis, was developed following an enquiry through its UK distributor, ETS from Network Rail concerning a maintenance problem that was causing health and safety issues. It was launched last summer and was named Innovative Industrial Product of the Year at the 2016 Electrical Industry Awards.

The problem outlined by Network Rail was that live cables were having to be removed from cleats, work carried on around them, and then somehow placed back between tightly spaced upright studs at regular intervals along the entire run.

Ellis addressed the issue by designing a cleat that could be stacked and fixed with nothing more complicated than a quarter turn fixing lock. This means additional cable runs can be added quickly and easily, without any need to tamper with existing ones. The rapid-fit nature of the product is further enhanced by the replacement of fixing nuts with a push-fit locking mechanism that securely fastens the lower and top section of the clamp together.

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