NiroSan® stainless steel – SANHA piping systems for special applications

Foto: Udo Geisler

NiroSan® 9000

This system provides crystal clear water in the food industry. In addition to neutrality regarding the change in taste and excellent surface quality, stainless steel also retains neutral microbiological properties. The development of microorganisms on the surface of stainless steel is prevented. Viruses, fungi and bacteria have no chance of developing. This positive property directly affects the quality of drinking water and greatly reduces the need for disinfection.

NiroSan® Industry 18000

Industrial installations are designed to ensure trouble-free operation of the entire plant. For this purpose, NiroSan® Industry was created. The complete system of thin-walled pipes and pressfittings – is made of stainless steel no. 1.4404 according to EN 10088. This material provides complete corrosion resistance in conditions of increased humidity, high temperature and aggressive environment. The transport of media such as glycols, oils, fuels, compressed air and technical gases is possible due to the use of seals from FKM – an elastomer resistant to low and high temperatures (-20 °C – +160°C).

NiroSan® SF 19000

To ensure the highest surface cleanliness, each batch after degreasing is packed separately in accordance with the required procedures. The same applies to pipes – each packed separately in foil. All seals are installed manually, without the use of lubricants such as silicone or oil. Places such as paint works or dryers require a medium with strict parameters, e.g. air quality. The same applies to welding and industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, as well as steel mills, shipyards and mines.

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