News release: Private residence receives premium ELCO upgrade

ELCO Heating Solutions has supplied three THISION® L EVO 120kW boilers on a cascade frame to Wentworth Place in Surrey.

The 11 bedroom private residence required a powerful and efficient heating and hot water system that could adapt to the changing demands of the property, including a high DHW load and the requirements of an outdoor swimming pool. The refurbishment consisted of replacing six defective units from another supplier, with new, fit for purpose ELCO boilers.

After careful consideration of the system profile and overall requirements, THISION® L EVO boilers were specified, along with a low loss header and new combined flue arrangement. The boilers’ high turndown ratio and excellent seasonal efficiencies were key contributing factors for their installation, with the units supplying the perfect balance of power and all year round performance.

Part of the success of the project was attributed to the design of the cascade rig and the flue system, which allowed for rapid installation and minimal downtime. To reduce heat losses and optimise efficiency, as well as provide a clean finish to the installation, the THISION® L EVO cascade system was supplied with a full set of insulation panels to neatly cover the flow and return tubes, as well as the low loss header.

Alan Hough, Regional Sales Manager for ELCO Heating Solutions, visited the property and discussed the needs with the owner, as well as established the system design in conjunction with the ELCO technical team. From a practical perspective, a key requirement was to replace the boilers swiftly within a working week. This included the removal of the old units, upgrading the flue and system connections, as well as the integration of the new ELCO boilers.

To complete the task, ELCO partnered with South Wales-based commercial heating engineers, Boiler Burner Maintenance (BBM) Ltd. Managing Director at BBM, Steve Gooding, explained the installation in more detail: “This was the first time we’d fitted THISION® boilers and have to say we were really impressed, especially with the cascade frame and insulation kit. It all came together on site perfectly, which was really important given the time constraints we were under.”

The new boilers are utilising the THISION® L EVO’s built-in cascade controls, which feature a clear text display with integrated master-slave cascade functionality. This makes commissioning simple, as further explained by Steve: “We often find that the built-in controls are more suitable than trying to connect to the BMS. So, in this instance, we chose to utilise them for full cascade control of the three units, with the BMS providing an ‘enable’ to the master. Again, this has worked really well and we’re sure to repeat this approach on future projects.”

Another objective of this installation was to provide a new plant room that reflects the stature of the property, while also being suitable for the demands and highly efficient for years to come. Alan Hough commented: “This property has been constructed to the highest standards, so when it came to the heating plant, there needed to be an equally high attention to detail. For that reason, we recommended Boiler Burner Maintenance as contractors for the project as we’ve worked together before and knew they would deliver an exceptional end result.”

Remarking on the new boilers, the owner of Wentworth Place said: “I am delighted with the new boilers from ELCO and how well they are performing day to day. The overall service has been very professional and finished to a really high standard, plus the improved efficiencies from the THISION® boilers are set to significantly reduce annual running costs.”

THISION® L EVO is range of highly efficient wall mounted gas-fired condensing boilers with outputs from 60kW to 140kW. The boilers utilise the finest technological features and components, offering customers a highly flexible unit that can be specified for an extensive range of applications. Outstanding features include: a flat metal fibre cold flame burner for extremely low NOx emissions; a robust stainless steel heat exchanger with double wall geometry providing superb heat transfer; extensive cascade arrangements for powerful and flexible systems; plus the latest control functionality to ensure optimum performance.

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