News release: ELCO launches a powerful new water heater

ELCO Heating Solutions has launched the TRIGON® XL WH – a new condensing direct gas-fired water heater capable of instantaneously supplying large volumes of hot water in commercial applications.

The range comprises seven models with outputs from 150kW to 570kW, with each version offering class-leading efficiencies up to 110%, robust performance and NOx emissions as low as 34mg/kWh.

TRIGON® XL WH is capable of providing a continuous supply of hot water at an efficient recovery rate of up to 9,257 litres per hour. Combined with extremely flexible configurations and a clever design, the water heater is perfect for a variety of installations, including leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and commercial laundrettes.

There are a number of standout technological features in the range, including an advanced premix-burner system for reliable performance, a water-cooled combustion chamber which provides highest possible thermal conductivity, plus optimised combustion zones for low emissions. In addition, TRIGON® XL WH benefits from several design features to enhance practicality, such as built-in cargo wheels for quick transportation, compact dimensions for easy passage through standard doors, plus a clever modular system that allows the water heater to be quickly disassembled into component parts for flexible siting.

TRIGON® XL WH has a stainless steel heat exchanger, which is built to withstand challenging working conditions. It is specifically designed for optimised efficiency and performance during its entire lifetime. This is enhanced by the use of a hydroforming process during manufacture, which fixes the heat exchanger’s cooling tubes inside the water heater’s sidewalls for optimum heat transfer. This provides the highest possible thermal conductivity, while a laser welded fin tube also minimises heat losses through the heat exchanger surface.

Commenting on the new model, Ian Bradley, Managing Director for ELCO Heating Solutions, said: “By manufacturing all of our own condensing water heaters and boilers, we are able to specifically design, develop and supply products that meet our customers’ requirements. This latest water heater is no exception and we’re sure that its performance characteristics and stunning technological features, along with ELCO’s proven technical prowess, will ensure it is well received within the commercial marketplace.”


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