New yearly time switch

Hager has launched a yearly time switch that offers a simple way of saving energy through the distribution board and is easy to install and programme.  Each timer can control up to four circuits, which might include lighting, heating and/or ventilation.

Steve Dyson, Product Manager for Hager says:  “There is a real demand for products that will help manage energy consumption in a building.  Such solutions do not need to be complicated and the simplest and most cost effective method is often to retrofit control to the existing electrical distribution system. 

The four-channel timer has a large display with programming functions.  It has up to 300 programming steps that include a basic weekly programme, sub programmes, specific programmes and additional programme steps.  The resulting control can be as simple or as sophisticated as the user wants to make it.  In addition there is an input allowing an external override.

Typically the basic weekly function would run permanently unless overridden by a sub program.  The sub programme allows you to define a different weekly programme and the period when this programme will run. 

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