New volume flow controller

A new volume flow controller type VFC has been developed by the Trox Group which is a clever energy saving device and also has the benefit of being cost effective.
As a constant volume controller the VFC can deliver a pre-set air volume irrespective of varying system pressure.  The required air volume is set simply by adjusting the dial on the side of the unit and can even be carried out after installation.
The VFC can be used to automatically commission systems and because of its sensitivity can be used on low air duct velocities down to 2m/sec.  This makes it ideal for all constant volume applications such as fresh air to fan coil units or automatic balancing of individual diffusers.
An actuator can be easily installed with ‘clip-on’ technology converting the VFC into a variable air volume unit.  Unlike other constant or variable volume devices it requires very little differential pressure (20Pa) to activate the damper mechanism.
The VFC controller has a high control accuracy, available in three different configurations and six nominal sizes from 80mm – 250mm. 

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