New unit extends control

Mitsubishi Electric has announced a new range of City Multi VRF Controllers for Air Handling Units (AHU) including a new size 500 unit which allows connection to much larger AHU’s and increases the range to 11-56kW cooling capacities.

The new PAC-AH-M-J range, as well as supporting larger air handling units, also provides a higher level of air temperature control for both supply and return air systems, whilst adding new control options and interfaces enabling connection to the extensive range of the company’s VRF equipment.

“We have increased the AHU Controller product range to enable integration of our extensive range of VRF systems to AHU’s allowing flexibility on the size and type of application,” explains Mitsubishi Electric’s controls expert, Sebastien Desmottes.

The introduction of the new 0-10V DC input allows the temperature setpoint to be set and controlled by a Building Energy Management System (BEMS). This enables the VRF AHU system to be fully integrated into much larger building control systems and strategies than previously possible.

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