New underfloor systems

Timoleon has launched two new products purpose designed to match increased use of timber and other dry construction methods and the fast rising popularity of low energy systems powered by heat pumps.

Timoleon’s Toron flooring system combines a floor deck with an underfloor heating system in a single, structurally loaded entity.

The new, patent pending, system comprises 22mm thick panels of moisture resistant, flooring grade chipboard, ready tongue and grooved and routed to accept Timoleon’s 10mm polybutylene underfloor heating pipe.

Pipe is fitted into the channels on the upper surface of the chipboard modules thus ensuring that the heating element is as close to the floor finish as possible. This maximises the heat output of the modules, while reducing the temperature of the water required.

As the panels are laid like any conventional floor installation of the underfloor heating becomes even faster.

New Timoleon FoilBoard SRB (screed replacement board) comprises high efficiency insulation material with a layer of aluminium bonded to the upper surface into which channels are preformed ready to accept Timoleon’s 15mm polybutylene heating pipe. The system is then topped with a floating floor of screedboard.

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