New Type B distribution boards

Hager has launched a new range of type B distribution boards that make it easier to meet the needs of the 17th Edition and the Building Regulations for commercial installations.

Steve Dyson, product manager for Hager says: “The last few years have seen a major change in the design and installation of commercial electrical distribution systems.  Typically there are more outgoing ways, more RCBOs and/or RCD protection, more metering and more control devices.  Our new type B boards are designed with these needs in mind.”

The new Invicta range includes both 125A and 250A boards with multiple incomer choices.  A large DIN rail allows installers to fit a metering kit directly into the main board next to the incomer; this saves space and time since there is no need for an extension box.

Hager also claims that its new type B boards are the most aesthetically pleasing available in the market.  For sub and final distribution this is important since the board is often sited in a visible area.

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