New temperature safety valves

HVAC balancing specialist Taconova (UK) has introduced the STLV and STFL series of high-limit temperature safety control valves from Danfoss which are designed to limit secondary water temperatures in large scale commercial and public building heating and DHW systems.

Already proven in numerous applications across continental Europe, these flow-mounted control valves raise the standard of safety protection in HVAC systems. They are able to cut off primary heating water to a plate heat exchanger if the secondary temperature, for example, the DHW is too high. When the temperature limit for the system is exceeded, the pressure actuator is triggered to close the valve automatically. The valve will then remain shut until it is manually re-opened.

The STLV comprises a pressure balanced valve with a soft sealing cone and actuator whilst the STLV/ (AVT) device features a pressure actuator, regulating valve, safety thermostat and two impulse tubes. Available in a range from 15-25mm screwed and 32-50mm, these valves are designed to limit temperature within a range of 45-110ºC.  The STFL series is identical in function, but is supplied in larger sizes, up to 150mm.

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