New technology from Sanyo

Sanyo will use RAC09 as the UK launch pad for a ground-breaking new carbon dioxide-based heat pump system, which the company believes will transform the heating industry and open up an unprecedented new business opportunity for the ACR trade.

The new refrigerant-based ECO technology harnesses an advanced air-to-water heat pump to deliver low cost hot water for heating and domestic use in residential and small commercial premises. It is already widely used in Japan and Scandinavia, where it is challenging the supremacy of the gas-fired boiler.

Unlike other systems on the market, the carbon dioxidebased technology produces water up to 65ºC, hot enough to be used directly in traditional radiators without the need for an inefficient electric booster heater, keeping energy costs and emissions low.

The carbon dioxide-based system is the flagship product of a new heating sector business being launched within Sanyo Air Conditioners UK. It has been established to drive forward and harness what the company believes is massive market potential for its new heat pump technology in the UK.

Bob Cowlard, Business Planning Manager, said: “The CO2 ECO system sets a new benchmark for the industry in terms of sustainable technology that delivers. In any objective assessment of performance, it leaves the competition standing.

“The product opens up exciting new market opportunities for ACR installers looking to broaden the base of their business. It could help offset what many think will be a difficult year – and beyond – for companies who rely on smaller air conditioning installations as their mainstream work.”

Stand Number B20


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