New system from Cool-Therm

Cool-Therm has launched a revolutionary new system for actively controlling the sound output from air conditioning chillers.

Dynamic Noise Control (DNC) guarantees a chiller will not exceed a pre-set noise limit, irrespective of ambient conditions. It is designed to overcome the increasingly stringent requirements on noise produced by building services plant, imposed by local authorities, planners and end users, which can affect the siting and in many cases viability of chiller installations.

Ken Strong, Managing Director of Cool-Therm, says: “Sensitivity over noise produced by externally-sited air conditioning plant is now a hot issue in many city centres and built-up areas. Dynamic Noise Control addresses the problem of noise produced by air conditioning chillers, and offers a cost effective solution.”

The Dynamic Noise Control system constantly monitors sound levels produced by a chiller. If a pre-set noise limit is reached, it actively controls and adapts chiller operation to reduce sound levels while maintaining chiller output, to ensure cooling to the building is maintained.

The system consists of a microphone and sound processing system mounted on the chiller or at a suitable remote location from the chiller and is linked and integrated into the chiller controls.


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