New super MCBs

Hager’s new range of MCBs has an increased current rating of up to 125A with a larger breaking capacity of up to 15kA. The new range will allow contractors to use MCBs in a smaller, more cost effective SP&N board instead of MCCBs in a TP&N board for several applications.
They are available in type C or type D tripping characteristics, so they can be used for circuits with a high current inrush such as switching transformers or fluorescent lighting loads.

The MCBs can be padlocked on or off and have an integral label holder on the front of the device for simple and secure circuit identification.

A new terminal design using a cage connection system grips the cables more securely. It features a tightening compensation system, a reinforcement arch and serrated jaws.

Each MCB also has a dedicated connection point allowing remote indication of contact status.

In addition, there is a wide range of RCCB add on blocks to provide additional protection against earth faults. These add on blocks are protected against nuisance tripping caused by transient voltages.

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