New Stokvis boiler

Econoflame R6000 is the new condensing ultra low NOx premix commercial boiler from Stokvis Energy Systems. The R6000 range includes seven models with outputs from 142 to 539 kW.

Utilising the proven patented water cooled, down-firing, premix burner system coupled with all stainless steel heat exchanger assembly, R6000 boilers have a class leading NOx emission of between 15 and 35 mg/kWh with 0% 02 and can return seasonal efficiencies up to 110.4%.

For easy installation the boilers are designed to pass through doors with widths from 670mm to 770mm, the floor space requirement being within the range 0.74m2 to 1.34m2.

Each model is equipped with two return connections as standard allowing high efficiency to be achieved when serving a mix of high and low system circuit temperatures.  Another feature is the option to use the boiler in either standard flue or room sealed applications without modification.

The R6000 is suitable for use in single boiler or multiple/cascade installations.  Optional extra low loss headers are available and if being used in a retrofit application onto old systems, plate heat exchangers are available for total boiler isolation. 

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