New spin chiller range

Increased cooling demands, the effects of climate change and ever-changing design criteria are factors that are stimulating the real need for high quality air-conditioning throughout the workplace and in places of leisure and entertainment. Clivet UK Limited has addressed these requirements by developing a comprehensive range of spin chillers that can be easily tailored to individual end-user needs.

In developing its range of chillers, Clivet has placed considerable emphasis on energy savings, together with ease of installation and low levels of maintenance. Clivet chillers offer a number of energy efficiency features including free cooling, heat recovery, load management and fan speed control.

The latest development in this area of technology is the SPINCHILLER WSAT XSC range, offering units with cooling outputs in the range 157 to 510 kW. These units offer substantial savings both in both capital and running costs.

In traditional chillers operating at part load the efficiency is often reduced. However, the SPINCHILLER capitalises on the increased heat exchanger’s surface area at part loads to ensure higher EERs (Energy Efficiency Rating) and ESEERs (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).

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