New space-saving Aquasub range of packaged water booster sets by Aquatech Pressmain

The Aquasub sets are fully packaged units with main storage break tank and a single or twin variable speed pumps to save energy.

The smart submersible pumps have been placed into the water storage break tank, so the unit is small enough to fit through a door, making it ideal for use in any building with restricted access to the plantroom.

Any noise and vibration is reduced by the water, and the submersible pumps are easy to access for quick servicing.

The unit can be placed on a flat floor, so there is no need for the usual plinth or anti-vibration mounts.

Some of the Features & Benefits

  • Automatic constant pressure control and slow fill function
  • Transducer pressure sensor per pump for long term reliability and accuracy
  • WRAS approved pumps and components; 304 stainless steel delivery manifold and flow through vessel for HTM04 compliance.
  • Max flows to 2.6 litre per second at 1.6 bar; max pressures to 5 bar at 1 litre per second.
  • 2 Year warranty with full 365 day call out cover

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