New Sontay website

Sontay has introduced a fresh new look to its website at along with ease of navigation, a redesigned colour scheme and live customer support.
Changes were made to the website after Sontay consulted its customers and implemented a number of the comments it received. Site navigation was an important area in the re-design. The most popular sections are now in easy reach from the homepage, mostly with just one click. There are also added features such as the ‘live support pane’ which shows the status of all departments in one pane. The dropdown menus have also been reorganised with a new ‘downloads’ section which includes a wide range of Sontay datasheets and software updates.
Previously, the colours were changed annually to reflect the latest Sontay brochure. Now the site has a black scheme, making it stand out from Sontay’s competitors. This choice of colour offers other benefits too. Having a black website, rather than the usual white background, is also more energy efficient. It has recently been proven that companies can save energy with a black background because monitors require more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen.

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