New solution from Armstrong

A new solution for space heating and hot water developed by Armstrong can prevent many of the problems currently experienced by UK landlords, property developers and contractors.
The new Armstrong Tenantherm provides energy efficient heating and hot water for apartments and community heating schemes, and can prevent a myriad of problems such as access to individual flats, unsightly or costly flue systems, high running and maintenance costs, risks of Legionella, and problems of limescale formation.
Instead of requiring individual gas boilers and cylinders to be installed in each flat, Tenantherm is a compact, easy to install, fully integrated thermal interface unit which provides highly efficient heating and hot water from a centralised heat source, but with individual control available in each apartment. And, as the central boilers will always operate in condensing mode, it offers maximum efficiency and lower running costs.
Tenantherm is pre-assembled and tested for quick trouble-free installation and couples with Armstrong’s MBS heating solution to provide a complete off-site manufactured system.

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