New Solar panels

A second generation of high performance solar panels, developed by Rotex, has been launched in the UK which are almost 5% more efficient than those previously produced and are capable of converting 96% of the sun’s energy into heating and hot water.

The panels set new standards in the fight against global warming and when combined with a Rotex heating system and its new innovative heat pump, energy bills can be reduced by up to 50%.

The Rotex Solaris utilises natural solar energy for hot water preparation and offers effective support for the heating system. The extremely high thermal efficiency of the Rotex Solaris flat collectors, combined with the rapid direct storage heat gathered in the especially designed tank Rotex Sanicube Solaris, form the basis of the heating and hot water system.

Storage tank water is directly fed to the solar collectors where it is heated and then sent back. If the solar energy is not required immediately, the Rotex Sanicube solar storage tank can amass large quantities of solar energy which can then be used for hot water or heating many hours or even days later.

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