New smart meter to cut bills

Npower business has become the first major UK supplier to offer Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology – npower smartmeter.

The technology will be a breakthrough for non half-hourly energy users looking to improve energy management and reduce administration and asset maintenance costs.

With npower smartmeter installed, companies can have readings automatically taken up to every half an hour and data can be transferred from the meter as often as every day, depending on requirements. Having a more accurate understanding of consumption will almost eliminate the uncertainty generated by estimated billing and give companies the means to analyse energy usage and bring down costs.

AMR will also help companies that have unmanned sites, or security issues, such as a water companies, banks or nurseries, as gathering meter readings in the traditional manner can require a great deal of their time and resources, as well as leaving many bills based largely on estimated rather than actual readings.

The technology will also benefit companies that have a large number of sites, as it will bring together all the data into a single, easy-to-use web based facility.

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