New sleeve stops fire

As we all know, virtually all ceiling mounted recessed downlights need to be fire rated or fire protected to prevent the rapid spread of fire via a floor cavity, but there are much bigger fire hazards lurking within our ceilings which have been largely ignored in the past.
As most ceiling mounted fans and vents are made from polymeric materials they disappear within seconds in a British Standard fire test, leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling structure through which the fire can spread.

Tenmat Ltd have developed an intumescent sleeve solution for all popular ceiling fans and vent ducts, it is a simple sleeve which fits around the fan or vent spigot and is then pushed into the ceiling. When a fire hits the ceiling the sleeve expands and seals the hole in the ceiling, the sleeves has been tested in both 30 minute and 60 minute ceiling constructions to BS 476 part 21 and has achieved in excess of the ceilings standard design fire protection.

The Tenmat ceiling fan and vent sleeve will be distributed via electrical wholesales as well as standard ventilation distributors.

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