New room controller

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a unique new control system for the hotel sector to bring complete automatic control to individual rooms and help reduce energy costs.

The Melcotel controller works with both key card and non-key card systems to ensure that air conditioning is not working needlessly when rooms are empty or if guests decide to open a window.

Specifically designed for the hotel sector, the controller is an evolution in Mitsubishi Electric’s PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and can be retrofitted as well as being ideal for new builds.

Once activated, Melcotel will reset the air conditioning to a predetermined setting and constantly monitors the temperatures of any unoccupied rooms. The air conditioning in these empty rooms will only come on to keep the temperature within a set range, which has the double advantage of conserving energy whilst ensuring that the room reaches the desired temperature quicker when a guest enters the room.

Temperatures are recorded by a sensor within the controller and windows can also be connected to the system so that when they are opened, the air conditioning switches off to conserve energy.

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