New ROCKWOOL® HVAC calculator simplifies specification

Online calculator saves time when calculating HVAC insulation thickness

ROCKWOOL has made selecting the optimum thickness of HVAC insulation quicker and easier, with the launch of ROCK-EQ, a new online calculator. Designed for mechanical engineers, consultants and insulation installers, ROCK-EQ produces detailed, project-specific calculation reports and recommendations.

Available at, the new tool provides extensive calculation options. Users enter basic information about their site conditions and HVAC system, and ROCK-EQ calculates the optimum thickness based on the HVAC product selected. The calculator can be used to specify solutions for requirements including condensation control, heat gain or loss, personnel protection, and protection against freezing.

For extra ease of use, ROCK-EQ has standard pipe sizes, equipment materials and common claddings built-in, but will also let users input specific data for their project if necessary. The ROCK-EQ calculator has been designed to work alongside the recently launched ROCKWOOL HVAC Systems Guide, bringing together all the information needed to specify effective HVAC insulation.

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