New ranges extend Lochinvar heat pump options

Rising demand for low carbon heating and hot water solutions has prompted manufacturer Lochinvar to add two new product ranges so that it now offers an extensive portfolio of heat pumps suitable for a wide range of non-domestic applications.

Amicus LT air-to-water heat pumps provide low temperature hot water (LTHW) at up to 60°C for space heating and domestic hot water systems.  The technology works by capturing energy extracted from ambient air.

Amicus Boost water source heat pumps are designed to be used as part of hybrid systems. They extract energy from water sources such as heat recovery and reclaim systems.

Amicus LT

LT models are suitable for supplying low temperature heating systems such as underfloor heating or hybrid systems with high efficiency gas-fired boilers and water heaters. They can also be integrated with an Amicus Boost heat pump to provide even greater energy and carbon savings.

They can achieve a coefficient of efficiency (COP) of 4.61 (more than 400% energy efficiency) at an indicative temperature of 7°C and flow temperatures of 30°C to 35°C.  They have heating capacities ranging from 22 to 464kW and will operate successfully at outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C delivering seasonal COP ratings of up to 4.13.

The key to the LT’s high efficiency is its use of stage compressors. As the operating temperature approaches set point, the controls automatically turn off one or more of the unit’s compressors. This ensures the heat pump achieves its target output with the lowest possible energy consumption.

A range of optional extras are also available including anti-vibration dampers, a remote control panel, electronic soft start, and thermal stores.

Amicus Boost
Amicus Boost heat pumps have heating capacities from 30kW to 496kW. They have a COP of up to 5.14 (over 500% efficiency) and can provide water temperatures up to 78°C.

These heat pumps are designed for internal installation as part of hybrid heating and hot water systems where they are combined with LT heat pumps and/or high efficiency gas-fired boilers and water heaters.  Hybrid systems can also include Lochinvar’s Cavalier fast recovery electric water heaters, which will provide an all-electric water heating solution with zero on-site emissions.

Amicus Boost also uses stage compressors and its ambient loop heat-sharing system can accept water temperatures between 10°C and 35°C.  Using these heat pumps as part of a hybrid system is a good way to reduce capital cost in comparison with standalone air source heat pumps and will provide high levels of operating efficiency all year round.

All Amicus Boost models include a number of integrated control options as standard and offer anti-vibration mountings, soft start and remote control as factory-fitted options.

These two technological innovations are the latest steps in Lochinvar’s ambitious plans for developing its heat pump offering. The company launched its ‘Operation Heat Pumps’ initiative in 2018, which quickly grew levels of interest in heat pumps and the number of specifications for the company’s products.


Its Amicus HT (high temperature) range, launched in 2016 and now well established, has been a particular success and is regularly specified for a variety of project types including care homes, office blocks and educational buildings. The HT range operates as a ‘stand-alone’ heat pump solution for heating and hot water applications.

Lochinvar also restructured its product management and technical teams to include new dedicated heat pump roles allowing it to provide pre-installation visits on each heat pump project as well as phone and email support.

The company expects to see steady growth in the heat pump market as the industry unlocks following the COVID-19 crisis and in line with the UK government’s plans to speed up the adoption of low carbon heating solutions.

Exciting time
“This is a very exciting time to be involved in heat pumps, which is regarded as a key technology for transitioning to low carbon heating – not just in the UK, but worldwide,” said Lochinvar’s sales director Liam Elmore.

“These two new product ranges further extend our coverage of the many potential applications for heat pumps and will allow us to provide comprehensive low carbon solutions to even more customers in the coming months and years,” he added.

“By adding the LT and Boost ranges, we are even better equipped to meet the criteria for a wider range of projects including stand-alone heat pump systems featuring different heat pump types and hybrid systems that can include gas boilers and/or gas water heaters and/or electric water heaters,” said Mr Elmore.

“Another benefit to our customers is that Lochinvar can provide all of the components needed to provide a complete low carbon package with heat pumps at its heart simplifying the specification, design and installation process.”


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