New range of chillers

CIAT Ozonair Ltd has launched a new range of highly efficient Dynaciat Power water-cooled water chillers that provide significant savings in energy consumption – up to 25% compared to previous models. 

With cooling capacities from 220 to 720 kW and heating capacities from 250 to 800 kW, the new range provides an optimal solution for all cooling and heating applications in private and public offices, healthcare facilities, commercial premises and apartment buildings.

Dynaciat Power units are designed to be installed in equipment rooms that are protected against freezing temperatures and inclement weather.  They are optimised to run with the ozone-friendly HFC refrigerant R410A and thereby meet the most demanding environmental protection and high season energy efficiency (ESEER) requirements.

The units feature hermetic scroll-type compressors with brazed-plate chilled-water evaporators and brazed-plate hot-water condensers as standard and are available in a choice of acoustic configurations.  Control is by means of CIAT Connect 2 controller with auto adaptive functions and master/slave management for two units.

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