New range of chilled beams

Ruskin Air Management Ltd has launched a new range of Air Diffusion Closed Active Chilled Beam systems.
These low energy environmental control systems will find ready application in large open plan locations where low noise is critical such as offices, hotels and libraries.
The new systems are an ideal match for the modern, environmentally conscious approach to building services design. As a flow water temperature between 14 and 16oC is sufficient for cooling, the potential for free cooling is raised and possible contributions from renewable sources are made more practical. Electrical power consumption is low in these systems, which have few moving parts and are virtually silent in operation.
Active beams – which utilise a minimal primary fresh air supply forced through induction nozzles over heat exchangers within the active section – can be used for both heating and cooling.
The conditioned air stream is distributed into the room space in a 2-way opposite horizontal pattern via a square mesh face plate. Only simple On/Off control of the water flow through the beams is required to maintain room temperature conditions at the required level.

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