New range from Powrmatic

Now available from Powrmatic is a brand new range of suspended condensing gas fired unit heaters designed to deliver high performance, environmental benefits and significantly reduce running costs.

The Powrmatic NVS range of condensing gas fired unit heaters with outputs from 30 – 140 kW is based upon the company’s well proven NV range and has the benefit of a secondary non-ferrous plate heat exchanger which turns the residual heat within the flue gases (lost in a conventional heater) into useful heat thereby increasing the rate of heat transfer into the warm air stream and with a commensurate reduction in flue gas temperatures.

The process of increased heat transfer lowers the flue gas temperature to below dew point and as a consequence liquid condensate is produced. The condensate is collected within the heater and taken to a drain point for safe onward removal. NVS heaters can be operated on either natural gas or LPG propane.    

The new range can be fitted with either axial fans, which discharge heat directly into the space where the heaters are installed, or centrifugal fans, which allow the onward connection of inlet and/or discharge duct systems.

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