New range from Fläkt Woods

Fläkt Woods has extended their heat recovery product portfolio, through the launch of a new and comprehensive range of e3co-HR energy recovery ventilation units.

This range offers class leading thermal efficiency performance of up to 93% and Specific Fan Powers as low as 0.45. In addition, units are fitted with unique low loss, high performance filter media, which all deliver energy savings of up to 85%.

All the new e3co-HR Fläkt Woods products provide fresh air supply, extraction of stale air and more importantly, improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating (or cooling) requirements. All are designed to be stand-alone plug and play devices, which operate independently, or can be added to an existing HVAC system.

Fläkt Woods’s e3co-HR heat recovery systems stand out from the competition because of their ability to operate using e3 intelligent controls, which autonomously regulate airflow based on demand and in turn optimise energy usage. The e3 controls philosophy ensures that a healthy indoor climate is maintained, with the minimum use of energy, thus reducing the end user’s carbon footprint. Products are available with a wide range of controls.


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