New range from Armstrong

Armstrong has launched a major new range of variable speed pumps that can offer outstanding energy efficient performance across a wider operating envelope than ever before. Designed with a built-in safety net, they eradicate the need to trade-off the energy efficiency of the installation through over-sizing equipment.

Incorporating Armstrong’s award-winning on-board inverter control feature, they adjust quickly to changes in load to optimise energy efficiency of the system automatically, across a wider range of operational conditions than any other available pump range.

Armstrong Design Envelope Intelligent Variable Speed (IVS) pumps are a complete solution for heating and cooling systems. The integration of a perfectly matched Vertical In-Line pump, motor, and Intelligent Variable Speed controller creates an innovative, high-value pumping solution.

In common with Armstrong’s existing IVS and IVS pump ranges, the new pumps reduce pumping costs through variable speed, demand-based operation — consuming only the energy required, based on current system demand. The variable speed intelligence embedded in the controller enables the pump to respond instantaneously and automatically to system load, adjusting the speed of the pump and drawing only the power required to meet that load.

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