New products and improvements

B.A.C.Balticare has announced the largest number of new B.A.C. products and improvements to the operation of existing models in the 40 year history of B.A.C. in Europe.

The introductions follow a sustained period of market research, design and development and significant financial investment.

The products and upgrades are supported by new software for equipment selections, drawings, quotations and technical data. There is also the recent publication of what has became an industry bible – the B.A.C. Product and Applications Handbook – which covers all B.A.C. products and includes engineering data, capacity control options, equipment accessories, application guidelines and sound reduction packages.

The new products include the multi-mode Dry/Wet HFL Closed Circuit Cooling Tower, the HXC Dry/Wet Evaporative Condenser, which is the world’s first intelligent water saving condenser, and the adiabatic Trillium Series Cooler. There are also upgrades and increases in capacity for the B.A.C. Series 3000 Open Circuit Cooling Towers and Series 1500 Closed Circuit Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers. B.A.C. has also introduced a new fibreglass Model RCT Cooling Tower range.

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