New president for ECA

Mr Allan Littler has been inaugurated as the President of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) for 2008- 2009. Allan took office at the opening of the ECA Electrical Industry Conference in May.
During his acceptance speech, Allan praised the milestone achievements made by the ECA and his predecessor, Mr Bob Hall, over the last 12 months, including the development of the £10 million Training Fund.
At the top of Allan’s agenda is supporting ECA members in their efforts to run successful, profitable firms and to deliver best business practice. He referred to his involvement in the ECA’s Strategic Review, undertaken to analyse the Association, in order to set out a strategic direction for the industry.
Allan highlighted key areas from the review where the industry will face opportunities and challenges: competence and certification; skills; industrial relations; health and safety; lobbying; commercial and environment; and business management. Allan commented: “Of course, a grand strategic plan is best developed by people working together, and a grand strategic plan for this industry is best developed by joining up the different parts of the industry.”
Continuing the conference theme of ‘Joining up the Industry’ Allan spoke of the need for organisations to work together with the supply chain and trade unions to present a united front to lobby the Government on major issues such as sustainability.
He said: “I believe our combined electric, mechanical and building services industry is well placed to innovate right across the spectrum, from providing a comfortable environment within the most humble of dwellings to finding the sustainable solutions to battle against the threat of climate change.”
Of his elected position at ECA, Allan Littler comments: “I am simply the guardian for one year, of an institution which boasts over a hundred years of history. We must continue to build on this great foundation in the next one hundred years – the future of the industry is being shaped now.”

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